Solo show: Sakura, Tokyo

Last month Brent visited Japan and held a solo show at Sakura in Toyko. His work was very new and unlike anything he’s done before.

After seven years of exhibiting in group shows in Japan, Brent showed new pieces in a show, Fresco, that explored a different aspect of the medium for which he is so well known. He says,

“At the core of my work, I’m channeling my perennial sense of wonderment at how we all relate to nature. I’m super curious at how we assimilate the information nature gives to us through our eyes, ears and hands—through our senses. At how it fits into our varying cultural upbringing, age, prejudices; it’s how we choose to look at nature in a certain light, and enjoy and experience it in a certain way.

In Fresco, I’ve chosen to elevate a small random piece of the outer surface of a maple tree much like plucking a pixel off a computer screen. The surface is obscured with paint to draw your attention to its form and contours. The base, however, is a familiar example of wood, which allows us to follow the grain and revel in the warmth of its color. It also shows a certain quiet strength as it supports its art object and holds it up for display. Viewing both together begs the question: which is the art, and, by changing what is familiar into something new, does your perception of it change?”