Saddle Bench

Saddle is Brent’s very first carved furniture design. The design concept for the bench was devised while he was designing gardens reflecting the aesthetic of the Pacific Rim.

Not satisfied with the garden furniture options available on market, Brent worked on his own design. Partly inspired by Japanese gardening, he tried to come up with a design that would reflect the natural aspects of the material and sit well in the garden environment, surrounded by grass, trees and plants.

The original Saddles were created as a result of warehouse demolitions all around Vancouver. Brent was lucky to acquire several of the old beams removed from the buildings. In part, they defined the design – the original beams were 5 feet long which was kept for the length of Saddles. The shape of the bench was polished and presented to customers in the early 1990’s, and it’s been one of the favorite designs in our product range ever since.

Technical specifications

The Saddle bench is available in hemlock, douglas fir, western red cedar and alder. For the most part, a clear finish is applied, although custom finish options are also available. With two size options, it can be either 60 or 30 inches in length, weighing around 290 and 150 pounds respectively.

For additional information please visit the Saddle Product page.

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