Sawdust Collection and Recycling

Here at Brent Comber Studio, we put sustainability into practice. We use wood that is undervalued and refused in the eyes of the industry. Our material primarily comes from fallen trees or wood that otherwise would end up as wood chips or waste. While we do our best to utilize every single piece of wood and to minimize any negative impact on the environment, a certain amount of wood is turned into sawdust.

As part of our studio cleanup routine, we collect the sawdust and wood chips that have accumulated in our woodshop and bring it in for recycling at our local waste management plant. Harvest Power, who specialize in sustainable waste management, processes the sawdust as green waste that decays into compost, therefore it has a minimal environmental footprint.

Since the sawdust we generate does not contain any chemicals or glue, all of it can be recycled as green waste. We submit between 30-35 tons of sawdust to recycling every year. While it may sound a lot, all of it is returned to the earth and diverted from the landfills.