Brent at Gray Conversations

In February, Brent was part of a panel that was moderated by Jaime Gillin from Gray Magazine. The topic of the discussion was wood as a material used for art, furniture, architecture and interiors rather than talking about its use as a building material.

The discussion was fun and atmosphere relaxed. It was interesting to discuss the different approaches an architect would take to utilizing wood, as opposed to an interior designer or furniture maker. Also, how different climates, specifically the Pacific Northwest and Mexico, affect the abundance of the material incorporated into a design due to its availability, and what is required of it.

At ICFF on May 23rd 2017, Brent will once again participate in a discussion presented by Gray Magazine. Here, he will pick up the thread of conversation about how regionalism affects design. From the abundance of material, to the history, aesthetics and culture of the Pacific Northwest and how these aspects of this region influence his work.


Photo credit: Sandy McKellar