Night of the Grizzly

Recently, Brent joined a local charity Grizzly Bear Foundation for their event “Night of the Grizzly”. The Grizzly Bear Foundation is Canada’s only charitable organization dedicated solely to the long term welfare of grizzly bears. Funds raised from the evening support the preservation of grizzlies through research, public education and conservation.

“Grizzly bears are iconic and symbolic of the wild and are important to the well being of many creatures in nature. This foundation includes Canadians who identify with nature and our role as good global citizens. Everyone should get involved with the Grizzly Bear Foundation.”

– Brent Comber, founder of Brent Comber Originals.

We at Brent Comber Originals were proud to contribute and support “Night of the Grizzly” with the auction donation of a saddle bench. Saddle is Brent’s very first carved furniture design. The design concept for the bench was devised while he was designing gardens reflecting on the aesthetic of Pacific Rim.

To find out more about the Grizzly Bear Foundation, please visit