“The Bridge” Design Talks

Join us Thursday April 26th, 2018 for the first event in “The Bridge” series of design talks.

BC Wood, in conjunction with Brent Comber Originals will host an evening of informative talks by world renowned furniture designer and artist Brent Comber and internationally represented Canadian sculptor Tanis Saxby for architects and designers highlighting how wood and other media can be used effectively in non-structural applications within commercial interiors. Brent Comber will explore topics such as: the sensory language of wood – its visual impact, fragrance, feel and sound. How indigenous wood can create a stronger connection to “place” which is important in conveying the designers’ story. This conference will feature specific projects to illustrate key points and also show materials and projects in various stages of completion.

Tanis Saxby will discuss the process and inspirations in creating her porcelain clay sculptures. She will describe the “conversation” and interaction of working with this ancient and strong material. How sculptures can become an emotional and visual accent to the spaces they are placed in, and how the interaction of the sculpture with the architectural space mutually enhance each other will also be presented.

Send Ken Hori at BCWood an email to RSVP and secure your spot!