2017-  Our new Authenticity Tile now highlights a Pacific Northwest artist we find inspiring. Every year we will celebrate a new artist which of course also references the year in which the piece was produced. The tile will be discreetly placed on the underside or on the edge of the piece with a brief description of the artist found on our website.

2007 – 2014 Every piece in the Brent Comber furniture has a signature glass tile discreetly placed on its underside. The image on the tile is representative of our company’s direction, and evolves to reflect our focus. Not only are you able to reference your Brent Comber piece according to these tiles, but you can also share in our company’s journey.


                                                                     ARTIST SERIES



2017 Artist is Amy Liebenberg who in wished to combine her love of the underwater world with the nature of work being produced at the Brent Comber Originals studio. A kelp forest seemed the most fitting choice as both our coastal rainforests and kelp forests are iconic to the Pacific Northwest and have been the inspiration for her work and Brent’s. When she is not drawing or diving she works closely with Brent and the team in the studio.



A great admirer of the world-revered ikebana, the Japanese art of flower arranging, the 2014-2015 tile celebrates our newest collection which riffs on this highly disciplined approach to sculpting with flowers. Through my travels, I’ve been lucky enough to watch these artists orchestrate flowers and have witnessed their illuminating focus hone in on the shape, line and form. Within my own work, I have gravitated to this approach’s aim to achieve perfect harmony, beauty and balance.



This authenticity tile is a solid sphere representing volume and three-dimensional space; it is also symbolic of the Earth, the atmosphere and the planets. The characteristic of a sphere that first resonated with Brent was that every point is equal distance from the centre, and that there are no distinct sides; a shape with no formal hierarchy. He wanted to give equal importance to all parts of the tree, from the most recent cambium layer to the decayed heartwood centered at the trees core.



This year’s authenticity tile represents our ability to transform, combining the majestic with the modern. The image on the tile can be perceived in many different ways, and while it was crafted to offer us a bird’s eye view of Vancouver Island, it remains open to interpretation. It persuades us to venture beyond our limitations – to poke our heads out from behind the clouds, and expose ourselves to the elements. It is in this state that we are able to see things in a new light, and ultimately transform our perceptions.



Wood is the material through which I communicate my message and the stories that I want to share. The raw material has an even deeper appeal for me than the objects that I create from it. The sensory language of wood—its visual impact, fragrance, feel, even the array of sounds it emits as I work with it—engages and guides me. The essence of the material also touches me in a less tangible way that I can best describe as feeling it in my heart.



After a winter marked by stimulating exchanges with both local and international artists and designers, we have chosen to designate 2008 as “The Year of Collaboration”. As a studio, we are excited by the creative possibilities that meaningful collaborations offer; as a member of the design community, we are strengthened when individuals come together.

This year’s tile was designed by Lucas Lowery, who has been with the studio since 2006. His design, entitled “Spokes”, speaks to the potential of collective efforts and celebrates individual expression.



Brent Comber Originals has been growing steadily, and we have chosen to designate 2007 as “The Year of Exploration”. This is a significant year for us as a company, as we explore new markets, new materials and designs, and relationships with new customers. In committing ourselves to this course, we feel a little like the explorers of days gone by- excited, a little unsure, and full of hope for the future.