Flow Side Table

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The Intertidal collection is based on the influence of the shifting tides in the intertidal zone. As the lunar gravitational pull commands the ocean, the tide ebbs and flows along the coast. It is lively, delivering and dispersing sediments and nutrients, barreling into any obstacle. It influences all that exist within its domain.  In stubborn resistance, the coastal basalt endures, immovable as the wash surrounds and envelopes it. This collection is an examination and appreciation of the physical relationship between ocean and coastal rock.

As the tide shifts and the ocean flows back onto the shoreline, the rock is covered beneath a slick of water. Our Flow tables show that interaction, the fluid and the steadfast juxtaposed. The smooth glass captures the movement of light as it undulates with the waves, visible in ripples crossing the surface of the rock. Available in clear, black, and white, the visual of the surface state changes from day to night. As the seasons progress and temperatures drop, sea glass can form. Our ice glass table shows the water in a frozen state, an opaque aquamarine, criss-crossed with cracks.