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Our chair draws inspiration from a shipwreck off the coast of Haida Gwaii, on the west-coast of British Columbia. The Pesuta was a 264 foot log barge wrecked in a winter storm in 1928. In the decades since, the wreck has become a popular attraction at the midpoint of a beautiful and lengthy hike. After walking along the trail for 5 km, you are rewarded with a view of this unintentional sculpture, eroded by waves and patinated by the sun. Much like the shipwreck, Pesuta is a destination point. Its solid, weathered planks can be exposed to the elements and remain timeless.

Every hand-built Pesuta chair is comprised of sharp, angular forms; inspired by the composition of the ship’s wooden members, jutting out from their final resting place in the sand. An iconic piece of Pacific Northwest Design that captures the beauty of nature’s transformative abilities.