Soma Console

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Soma, in definition, is a body that is distinct from the soul, mind, or psyche. The soma is a supporting structure; it is the architecture. It is the physical, and only physical, essence of a being. By considering the soma we seek to appreciate an object in its most literal state.

With our Soma series we celebrate the attraction to the physicality of an object, removed from any emotional connection. Our Soma table bases have been carved from a single tree, reduced to a form that is familiar and distinct. Attractions to the symmetry and patterns in design have been recognized from seashells to pyramids. We have historically had a base understanding of geometries, shapes, textures and sounds that are inherently pleasing with no obvious explanation. Our Soma base is a form that is easily understood. It requires no further interpretation, nor needs to be ascribed any meaning. It simply is good because we sense that it is.

All of the Soma Table bases are milled from Douglas-fir, with other wood species available for tops.