Alder Disc

Doonbeg, Ireland


This 54” Alder Disk was carved in slightly convex profile and reflex light beautifully. The placement of the disk in the Lodge at Doonbeg Golf Club, in the White Horses Spa is proof of Clodagh’s skill as a visual editor. Different from the alder furniture, the disk engages people in a new way of reading material. The the alder now oriented horizontally the viewer is drawn to the rhythm and patterns that emerge at eye level. The slight convex shape of the alder disk changes the way light falls across the piece so that it reads differently depending on the angle viewed.


Inspired by the experience of walking in the dense coastal forests near his home, I set out to create a piece that captures the story of how it feels to walk in a forest that is constantly changing. The Alder Collection was imagined when I noticed the light flickering between the kindling in a friend’s fireplace and I was reminded of the light piercing through the forest canopy. Alder was the natural choice for the material since it is important in the regeneration of a healthy forest. It grows quickly, densely and contributes to the shifting light in a forest.

The alder disk represents revitalization, as every stick and branch from the alder trees are carefully carved and bundled together to form something new and intriguing. By drawing attention to the spaces between the alder, as well as the varying colours the wood itself, the disk acknowledges the shifting experience of the forest.

Design Team: Clodagh Design International
Application: Hospitality