Anderson Walk

Vancouver, Canada

By infusing nature with architecture and design, Anderson Walk brings elements of the outside in, creating a space that is ideal for reflection and imagination. A series of wood feature walls weave their way though the three towers Anderson Walk. A thread is formed throughout this new residential development by incorporating versions of the Shattered and the Alder series. This thread takes you from one piece to the next, from building to building, offering a story that ties in with the history, the heritage, and the nature of the area.


Wood represents many different avenues, and yet it all directs us back to the tree. The Shattered series and the Alder series both pay tribute to the wood, allowing us to imagine where it came from and what it now represents.

Shattered was inspired primarily by process. I was curious to see if I could create random patterns by splitting, assembling, and juxtaposing different sizes, shapes, and grain patterns of wood, and whether human nature would compel me to create order out of such chaos.

Alder was a natural choice as a material with which to tell this story of the coastal forest. Western alder is a pioneer tree. It grows quickly from saplings into dense stands of foliage that contribute to the forest’s shifting play of light and dark. It also has the unique and crucial ability to fix nitrogen from the air into the soil, preparing fertile ground for other tree species to be reborn.

Designer: Polygon Interior Design
Application: Residential Development