North Vancouver, Canada

This feature wall of Shattered fir was installed in the showroom for Beacon, the first of three towers in North Vancouver that would eventually become Seylynn Village. At over 14 feet high, the feature wall covers approximately 210 square feet and is accompanied by our classic Shattered Square and Rectangles.


Shattered was my first piece inspired by process. I was anxious to see how I could create random patterns by splitting and assembling different sized and shaped pieces of wood. I hoped that through the physical art of organizing a chaotic pile of wood I could somehow capture and convey the energy of this process.

What I unexpectedly discovered was the aroma released by the fall of the axe and the thud and crack as the wood fibers tore apart. This took me back to when I was a teenager, cutting wood during the summer months on Vancouver Island.

Design Team: Insight Design
Application: Residential development