31.5" Diam X 24.5"H
Douglas Fir
Private Residence

By holding your hands cupped tightly together, you create a shape that has a historically rich cultural significance. This vessel, carved from your hands, is where the bowl originates.

A bowl is designed to contain, and it has been used to serve food and drink for thousands of years. Yet, the bowl represents much more than a simple vessel to hold nourishment; it stores knowledge, and it is with this knowledge that the spirit of community is sustained. The sheer ingenuity of the bowl has become a cultural symbol, embodying emptiness while symbolizing possibility.

The first Bowl in this series was sculpted from one of Canada’s oldest trees, donated by Capilano Suspension Bridge, and it sets the tone for the series. The Bowl aspires to honour the historic wood and acknowledge the traditions of the past. By looking back in time, we realize that the bowl has a modern, elegant form that has not changed much over the years, evoking feelings of nostalgia and belonging. The bowl was once the centre of community, where harvests were gathered, feasts were shared, and stories were told.