Illuminated Flares

24-53" DIA x 43-60" H
Western red cedar
Acrylic, wire
Electronic Arts, Burnaby, BC

Upon visiting their campus for the first time, I was struck by the scale of the interiors at EA and the enormous windows allowing neighboring green space to pour into the lobby. Drawing from natural forms and using indigenous materials, these sculptures smooth the transition between the ancient and the modern in the Electronic Arts Burnaby campus.

Large hollowed illuminated sections of logs are suspended within the tubular structures that hold the ceilings up high above crowds. Your eyes naturally gaze upwards into these impressive metal structures as they would during a forest stroll. Peering up into the structures, you find the natural shaped illuminated sculptures, which provide clues to the sky above and the wonder of nature. The space feels transformed by the warmth of the wood, its golden colour balancing the building’s industrial materials.




Design team: Gensler San Francisco Architecture and Design
Photography: Gensler San Francisco Architecture and Design
Application: Commercial Redesign