Pale Shadows

10 pieces: 12”W X 12”D X Heights varying from 20” to 84”
Reclaimed Douglas Fir Posts
VanDusen Botanical garden, vancouver, bc

Through the use of fir to create Pale Shadows, I feel I am returning to a primarily antiquated building material. With these large-scale, stacked posts, I wanted to reintroduce the material into the landscape – but this time as bold, arboreal spires.

The fact that the installation is in an herbaceous flowerbed is fitting: it reinforces both the ephemeral and cyclical nature of wood on one hand, and highlights the progressive (or potentially regressive) nature of man on the other. Just as I am exploring the wood in my own way, I hope people make their own connections to and imaginings from Pale Shadows, extracting and creating their own stories from it.