Taiga Elementals

Each piece 8' x 8'
Sitka Spruce
Duthie Gallery, Saltspring Island, BC

Also known as the boreal forest or snow forest, Taiga refers to a particular climatic forested zone that resides in the northern hemisphere. These expansive trees – my sitka spruce sculptures are 8ft tall-by-8ft wide – are known as my Taiga Elementals, which conjure up a sort of mammalian quality, with a nod to the mythical, spiritual, and fantastical. They take on an otherworldly aspect, with plenty of character and almost an anthropomorphic quality. I feel particularly attached to old trees – trees that, quite frankly, many generations of my family have passed before they even became tall. The sheer gravity that pulls on them and the molten-like sculpture at the bottom, that in this case I’ve stained black, is simply mind-blowing.