Brent’s Story


Brent Comber is a fourth generation Vancouverite who grew up on the city’s North Shore.

Throughout his life here on the West Coast, Brent has developed a unique understanding and appreciation for the natural shapes and materials of the Pacific Northwest. He has always believed that people have a strong connection to authentic materials, the environment, and local culture. Brent’s inspiration comes from an innate desire to connect people with their natural environment and the rich history of our earth, using many forms of storytelling to bring us closer to these themes.  

Brent’s beginnings in garden design developed his artistic and material sensibilities that led him to design furnishings and sculpture at the scale you see today. When he couldn’t find the right furniture for his Pacific Rim inspired gardens, he decided to create his own. Using solid pieces of wood, Brent found a new take on furniture design that truly integrated with the landscape. Sourcing large beams and posts from dismantled structures around Vancouver, Brent carved benches and tables for his clients. These historic beams and posts were originally milled from the trees that grew where Vancouver now stands.

Returning the wood in a scale and form that exposed the grain, knots, and character of indigenous wood, spoke of local climate, geography, and of course place. These are all themes Brent continues to explore in his work.

Brent Comber – CV 2018