Gryphon Musee Exhibition

The Radiant Sphere, a modern take on our shattered sphere, made with Accoya- an innovative modified wood product

Brent Comber Originals, in collaboration with Gryphon Development, is showing a one-time Musee exhibition titled “Above the Trees” at their Kerrisdale location.

Showcasing both new and past work, “Above the Trees” highlights the progression of wood as both an artistic medium and a building material, and its contribution to place, communities, and the people that create them.

Find out more about our collaboration with Gryphon Development here.

Showing until October 16, this event is free to the public and includes an in-studio guide to impart the theme as well as the story behind each piece.

6111 West Boulevard, Vancouver (beside Kerrisdale Lumber)

Musee Hours

Monday – Friday (except holidays)

11AM – 4PM

We encourage the intimate connection to the natural world, that occurs through interaction with the work
The Radiant Sphere- Portraying wood material from a different perspective, this modified wood product represents the re-integration of wood into the architectural and sculptural landscape.