Our Story

Like the rain to the forest, the unique setting of the Pacific Northwest permeates design, creating a body of work emblematic of the region.

In the Pacific Northwest we are uniquely situated on the edge of a coastal rainforest, where the mountains rise from the sea. At this juncture there is a thriving community, both ecologically and creatively. The robust natural landscape pervades everyday life, visible at every turn. Here, the jutting mountains, ocean air, and towering trees are part of the local psyche. Natural resources are available in abundance, and through these authentic materials we are able to communicate the rich history of our environment. Brent Comber Originals takes inspiration from this unparalleled setting, and has created a body of work that is interwoven and inseparable from the story of the landscape.

Materials are sustainably sourced from the surrounding area, and designed and milled at his oceanfront workshop and gallery. Through the exploration of resources; wood, stone, and glass are taken at their purest form and transformed into objects of recognition yet the fundamental elements remain. Our cedar, Douglas-fir, and maple often come from fallen trees, or trees slated for removal from residential and commercial lots. Through engagement with the local community, Brent is able to upcycle this wood, ensuring that our material sourcing has minimal impact on the environment. Unusable wood is taken to a local facility to be composted, down to the sawdust, continuing the cycling of organic materials back to the earth. Brent takes care to ensure that every piece retains its story and its relationship with the greater system.

Brent Comber Originals works in collaboration with local manufacturers and artisans, and is committed to sharing his respect for “place” to the world. The spirit of the coast is embedded into the work, and this aesthetic interpretation of the PNW has been recognized both locally and globally. Showing as far as Paris, London, Japan, Bora Bora and beyond, Brent continues to explore themes unique to the Pacific Northwest that connect people to this unparalleled setting and the history and dynamism of the landscape.