Acer Oistré Suspensus


To truly discover something, you need to temporarily disconnect, and allow yourself to become soft and receptive. From this state of being, we transition into a position that is open and accessible to taking in the atmosphere in proximity.

Acer Oistre Suspensus represents the eventuality of becoming familiar to our present surroundings, coaxing us to acknowledge the subconscious obligation to detach in order to be susceptible. As the light glows from within, a subtle depiction is visualized that symbolizes the youthful naivety of becoming intimate to the world around you.

The Acer Oistre Suspensus is carved from the outer segment of a maple tree. The outlying surface of the maple tree translate into an assembly of shells. With a distinct configuration showcased on both the coating and marrow, these gracious specimens endorse a showing of the maples trees in which they originated, each exclusive in their architecture.

Low voltage LED lighting and Dyneema rope.

Featured in our Discovery Atelier show.

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