The Cording Series is an unparalleled sculptural collection of coiled spruce ribbons that draws inspiration from the traditional technique of spruce root cording. Used as lashing for birch bark canoes or weaving baskets and hats, the shallow spruce roots are selectively and sustainably extracted from the ground where they are delicately peeled and split by hand. Repeated bisecting of the root brings it ever finer until the desired thickness is achieved for its purpose. This collection speaks to that process in reverse, where the fine ends are interwoven amongst other strands with the thickest ends remaining whole to embody the strength and life the roots support. The meandering roots are a humble reminder that our individual significance is limited but through our connections with others we bring a larger meaning to life. 

As custom artwork we offer the ability to adapt the sculpture to both a unique space and aesthetic for our clients both residential and commercial.

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