Dos Caminos


The lights we produced for the Dos Caminos restaurant on Park Avenue in New York City were carved from solid cedar logs. All 33 of them are suspended with chains and glow beautifully.

These light sculptures are all produced from cedar logs discarded by forestry companies in British Columbia. Once logs are graded and sorted on dry land, these logs are removed and cast aside in order to make it easier and more efficient to stack, transport, and eventually process the logs in sawmills. It struck me as odd to see what was once such a valuable part of the tree cast aside and considered worthless. I felt compelled to work with this material, to convey its warmth and character, and to create a connection to its lost habitat.

Three pendants, made from the discarded logs, are stacked above one another in the restaurant, creating a commanding central feature. I love that the lighting allows us to experience this beautiful material in a very personal way.

Design team
Yabu Pushelberg