Fallen Tree, New Beginnings


Located in the lobby of North Vancouver’s landmark City Hall, this piece is symbolic of new beginnings; sculpture and benches representing a wind fallen tree giving back to the forest. The community of North Vancouver could be seen to represent a healthy forest, and with the seating and sculpture integrated within the new building, we are inviting people to reconnect to the natural world and back to their place in the North Shore community.

The main sculpture is positioned to emphasize the base of the tree, as the root system flares up toward the sky. The sculpture, composed of both smooth and gnarled wood, in a sense turns the tree inside out, allowing people to view the tree from the inside first. The benches represent pieces that broke off from the trunk, inviting people to sit, reflect, and engage with the tree in a new way. The top of the benches are smooth and graceful, encouraging people to feel the wood, while the underside showcases the complexity of maple burls. Each part aims to promote discussion and intrigue, while also reminding people of our connection to nature and our dependence on the wonderful properties of wood in our built environments.

City Hall, North Vancouver
Western Maple