For centuries, skilled hands have been weaving with organic, regionally appropriate materials. My inspiration for this work came from large baskets, half flopped over from carrying heavy produce from market. These pieces of functional art sit quietly, bulging, slightly worn, and almost human-like with their folds and gathers. The basket represents a functional object that can be made by all ages or skill levels; an inclusive and universally practiced craft. By creating this Woven Wall with swaths of western broad leaf maple slab, my aim is to honour the hand of the maker.


White Pine Drums

The drum has always been a coveted instrument of pleasure and ceremony as far back as history itself. I am intrigued by how the wood forms a “check” or crack toward the heart as it dries. The check is an anticipated release of tension which interrupts the rhythm of the natural timeline. The element form exudes empowerment and innocence.

These Drums were carved from a massive white pine log that had been abandoned, covered over with brambles at a log sort in Squamish BC. Upon my initial discovery, I mistook this time worn gray log for a very large rock. I thought, wouldn’t it be great if I could find a home for it!

Residential Development
Henriques Partners and Kodu Design