Streams of Consciousness


Streams of Consciousness, a public art project initially envisioned and executed by the artist Katherine Kerr in the year 2000, speaks the the city and the legacy of industry. The scale and details of this specialty bridge project refer to the rail industry that came to fell the forests, amongst other ambitions. The text refers to the salmon stocks depleted by industry and resulting development, that have affected this once salmon-bearing stream that it crosses.

After 20 years of exposure to the elements and wear with use, the bridge was in need of an upgrade. Working closely with Katherine Kerr and the City of North Vancouver, we were able to rehabilitate this bridge back to pristine condition.

Conceptually, the woods were selected for their preciousness to the west coast forests. The new yellow cedar decking was milled at our workshop, and the pacific yew lettering was custom cut by a local manufacturer. All the wood was sourced from within B.C.

After being stripped, structurally upgraded, and refinished to like new condition, the bridge is expected to last for another 20+ years.

Public Art Restoration