China Grove


In most of my work, I try to bring the outside in. With my sculpture China Grove, however, my challenge was to display an aspect of the forest within a forest setting. I wanted to create objects that had the look of precious porcelain figurines and present them in an outdoor space that would serve as a natural display cabinet. With this in mind, I treated nine cedar flares—stumps that have been pulled from the ground—with a substance that gave them a china-like appearance.

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In a beautiful forest grove at Salt Spring Woodworks on Salt Spring Island, I hung them all at the same height to give the impression of a base supporting them. The shifting natural light within the grove plays over the porcelain-textured surfaces of the hanging flares and imbues them with a strikingly ethereal quality

48″ h x Diam (Variable)
Western Red Cedar
White Porcelain Paint, Acrylic Panels, Wire
Duthie Gallery, Saltspring Island,BC