Grosvenor Edgemont


Brent was awarded with the opportunity to furnish and install an Illuminated Shattered Sphere and custom Sea Glass Benches at the new Grosvenor Edgemont development, located at the foot of the North Shore mountains. On the corner of Edgemont and Ridgewood is a lively community hub and public plaza to serve as an outdoor living space and social environment for the neighborhood. The Shattered Sphere and Seaglass Benches are made from Yellow Cedar, a durable, decay resistant and aromatic wood

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The Seaglass Bench is inspired by the Pacific Northwest, shaped like the half shell of the bi-valve clams that litter the sandy shores. Here, these shells are intermixed with bits of Seaglass, whose once sharp edges have been smoothed by the sea.

The coastal habitat serves as a reminder of the tenacity and generosity of our Mother Nature. The Seaglass Bench represents renewal, and encourages a moment of appreciation for the processes that shape, and re-shape, our environment.

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