63”D X 47”H

Serene embodies British Columbia’s creative energy and spirit, the significance of the province’s forests to the cultures that have lived here, and our growing commitment to environmental sustainability through the recycling of salvaged wood.

I had no specific form in mind when I began to carve Serene from an enormous, discarded stump of a western red cedar tree. What evolved was a 3500 pound object with a robust, yet graceful, feminine shape that radiated a sense of peace and serenity. For this reason, I named the piece Serene.

Serene journeyed with me to exhibitions in various British Columbia environments and always inspired lively discussion and tactile exploration. Recently, at an exhibition in Tokyo, the Design Association purchased Serene and presented it to the Prime Minister of Japan, who is a great environmental proponent. Serene will continue its legacy by touring Japan to help raise environmental consciousness.

Western Red Cedar


Serene in front of Obakki store
Serene at Obakki

Serene outdoor art sculpture Photographer Luke Hayes
Photo by Luke Reyes