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Drum Stool


A Drum is one of man’s oldest and most widely adopted instruments. It is usually played from its top, and the shape and size of the Drum greatly influence its sound.

To create this shape I’ve taken a full slice or section of a Cedar tree’s trunk and the tree’s diameter directly influences the diameter of the finished table. Prior to carving the piece, the wood is dried. As it releases moisture during the drying process, the wood’s growth rings contract, especially the newer wood located closest to the outside of the tree. This causes a crack to grow from the outside of the log and opens towards the middle of the tree. It does not affect the structural capacity of the table but in fact directs our eyes to the center of the tree- the point in time where it all began.

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Drum shaped stool carved from solid Douglas fir.


Drum Stool

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A soft wood native to the West Coast, Douglas-fir is usually a light brown color with a hint of red and/or yellow. Grain patterns range from straight to cathedral like.

Soft White Hardwax Oil - Douglas-fir
Soft White Hardwax Oil - Douglas-fir

Finished by hand with a soft white hardwax oil, this wood has a lighter, muted colour tone while still maintaining the beautiful natural grain.

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