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I had always imagined these sculptures to be giant Roman soldiers, towering over everyone, keeping watch. They stand almost 96″ tall and span 30″ wide. They were carved from ancient maple logs that were rotten through the heart, but the shells were beautifully preserved.

The maple logs lay under the forest canopy for many years until the bark rotted away and left a beautiful dark grey patina. We sanded the areas that made contact with the saw blade, and the rest we left in its beautiful raw state.


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Western Maple
Western Maple

Westen Maple, or Bigleaf Maple, is endemic to the west coast of North America. This wood is moderate in hardness, and the grain can be straight, wavy, or curly. The beautiful figure makes it ideal for furniture and small specialty wood items.


No finish, this option leaves the piece in its beautiful raw state to age gracefully, and remain true to the wood.

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