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Shattered Half Sphere


A sphere is a geometric object whose points are all equal distance from the centre, but as a symbolic image, the sphere represents three-dimensional spaces such as the earth, the sky, and the universe. Our latest Sphere collection explores the relationship between our perception and curiosity of how wood is formed. This series includes two designs, the Solid Sphere and the Shattered Sphere, both encouraging us to look at the life cycle of a tree differently.

Every Shattered Sphere explores our desire to bring chaos into order. This series explores the fragility and complexity of artistic engineering, as each Sphere becomes a puzzle to be put together by hand. In stacking each piece of split wood, we are able to reveal a new purpose and space for the wood to occupy.

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Shattered Half Sphere

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Western Red Cedar
Western Red Cedar

Cedar has been a cultural staple for generations of coastal indigenous peoples. It is naturally weather and insect resistant, making it appropriate for both indoor and outdoor applications.


No finish, this option leaves the piece in its beautiful raw state to age gracefully, and remain true to the wood.

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