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Ebb Side Table, Uncut


The Intertidal Collection is based on the influence of the shifting tides in the intertidal zone. As the lunar gravitational pull commands the ocean, the tide ebbs and flows along the coast. It is lively, delivering and dispersing sediments and nutrients, barreling into any obstacle. it influences all that exist within it’s domain. In stubborn resistance, the coastal basalt endures, immovable as the wash surrounds and envelops it. This collection is an examination and appreciation of the physical relationship between ocean and coastal rock.

As the tide ebbs, or recedes, coastal rock is left exposed to the elements. The Ebb side table represents resilience and stability. It is a symbol of permanence in the ever-changing landscape. The clear finish highlights and maintains the colour, which can range from a deep copper to, more commonly, black.

While some are consistent in colour, others contain small chance intrusions of differing rock types that were present as it formed, making each stone unique. It requires little maintenance, and excels in applications where durability is paramount, including outdoors.

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Ebb Side Table, Uncut

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