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In 1610, Galileo Galilei published the first scientific work based on observations made through a telescope. Titled Sidereus Nuncius, or Starry Messenger, this short astronomical pamphlet challenged conventional thought and was the first systematic study of celestial bodies.

For 18 consecutive days Galileo studied the moon, noticing dark spots never before seen on the illuminated side of the moon’s surface. He was able to observe that, as time passed, these and other spots changed- either getting lighter or darker and more distinct. It was concluded that the moon’s surface was not smooth as previously thought but contained mountains and valleys much like Earth.

At the time, Galileo’s scientific discoveries were condemned as heresy, shunned by religious leaders. Nonetheless, he persevered in the name of truth with unbreakable courage and conviction.

Through our work of Starry Messenger, we carve away the exterior to expose the natural valleys and features of the wood. What is revealed is a familiar form not unlike the moon, which has a surface that is both recognizable, and yet is still an unknowable discovery. In turn, we reflect a reverence to Galileo’s persevering courage and integrity.


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Starry Messenger

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Western Maple
Western Maple

Westen Maple, or Bigleaf Maple, is endemic to the west coast of North America. This wood is moderate in hardness, and the grain can be straight, wavy, or curly. The beautiful figure makes it ideal for furniture and small specialty wood items.

Soft White Hardwax Oil with Black Hardwax Oil - Maple
Soft White Hardwax Oil with Black Hardwax Oil - Maple

The soft white hardwax oil brings out the soft tones, grain and character of the inner shell. In contrast, the black hardwax oil on the exterior is striking and provides a dramatic contrast.

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