Alex Hayward: Lit Shattered Sphere
Aloe Designs: Outdoor Drum
Andrew Querner: 
All images in Studio section, Robusta Rectangle insitu, Small Drum studio, Place Making collection main image
Bright Photo: 
Flow Table in situ at ADDRESS ASSEMBLY, Pesuta chairs in situ at ADDRESS ASSEMBLY
Carrie Marshall:
 Bowl, Pale Shadows, Serene cityscape, Shattered Sphere in garden, Solid Sphere in garden, Ikebana collection, Tafoni, Tafoni2
Cindy Hughes: Alder Disk texture, Drum side table
City of North Vancouver: Archived Ship building image, Place Making collection
Daniel Aubry Studios: Alder Disk
Darcy Turenne: Contact Us GIF video
Dave Delnea Photography: 
Anderson Walk
Derek Lepper:
 Drums from above
Disbrow B&A: 
Exterior Drum
Ema Peter: 
Eric Laignel: 
Dos Caminos
Gillean Proctor: 
China Grove, Three T-cups in western red cedar
Greg Ehlers: 
Hata Taku: 
Symbol Tree
John Bentley: 
Jon Benjamin: 
Basket at Cadillac Fairview, Shattered Light
Joshua Wells: 
Custom Alder
Julie Snow: 
Custom Alder Rectangle
Ken Mayer Studios:
Fallen Tree – New Beginnings detail
Kozai Modern: 
Shattered light at Kozai Modern
Lisa Romerein Photography: 
Four Seasons
Lori Phillips: 
Fallen Tree – New Beginnings
Luke Hayes: 
Serene in Japan
Marion Brenner: 
Refugio- Solid Spheres and Tafoni benches
Martin Tesller: 
Shattered Sphere at CBRE and Drums at West Van Recreation Centre
Nacasa and Partners: 
Ocean Dionne: 
Provoke ! Studios: Visit our Gallery GIF video, Our Story GIF video
Raef Grohne: 
Alder Collection, Drum (studio image), Garrison, Robusta, Saddle, Shattered Collection, Solid Sphere (studio image), T-cup, Yew restaurant images
Robyn Color: 
Bud in situ
Sama Jim Canzian: 
Bathroom T-cup