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Our Projects

A sampling of our projects showing a range of residential, commercial, and outdoor installations.


Seattle, Washington

The goal of the REN lobby artwork was to incite a feeling of connection – to one another, to nature, and to one’s self.

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Small World

West Vancouver, Canada

Small World refers to the happenstance of discovering an unexpected connection within your community; a reminder that all of our journeys weave into an overlapping web of connectivity.

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Vancouver House Penthouse

Vancouver, Canada

The focal point of this 2 storey open-air atrium at the Vancouver House Penthouse is a tree trunk installed to create a slice of the West Coast rainforest in the center of the home.

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The Column Group Rock Garden

San Francisco, CA

In March 2020, we were approached by Garcia Tamjidi with the opportunity to design a Japanese-inspired rock garden to be installed in a commercial work environment.

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Boffo Development Reclaimed Timber Furnishings

Vancouver, BC

On the corner of Cambie & Smithe, in downtown Vancouver, we worked with Boffo Developments and Trepp Design, as we reworked salvaged fir beams from the nearly 100-year-old site to create furnishings for the new interior.

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Electronic Arts

Burnaby, Canada

Back in early 2016, the San Francisco office of Gensler Architecture and Design contacted me with an opportunity to work with them in strengthening the connection between Electronic Arts and the surroundings of their Burnaby, British Columbia campus.

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Lynn Valley United Church

North Vancouver, Canada

Back in fall of 2016, I was contacted by a member of the Art Committee of The Lynn Valley United Church; they were commissioning artwork for the church’s new building.

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Vancouver, Canada

Obakki is a local fashion house that showcases Canadian designs, so I was happy to be a part of this project.

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Tokyo, Japan

In German, Baumkuchn translates literally as “tree cake” or “log cake”. Although traditionally European, the delicious layered dessert is also popular in Japan, where it has become the namesake of this 60-seat café in Tokyo.

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