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Archived Projects

Some select projects showing a range of residential, commercial, and outdoor installations.

Grosvenor Edgemont Illuminated Shattered Sphere - at night

Grosvenor Edgemont

North Vancouver, BC

Yew Seafood Bar

Vancouver, BC

Maitre'd at the Seattle Four Seasons.

Maitre’D Seattle Four Seasons

Seattle, WA

The stream of consciousness bridge with pink handrails.

Streams of Consciousness

North Vancouver, BC

Illuminated log sculptures hanging at the Dos Caminos restauraunt.

Dos Caminos

Vancouver, BC

Multiple cedar trees joined together to form a larger tree.

Symbol Tree

Tokyo, Japan

Weathered balsam pieces arranged radially on a concrete wall.


Vancouver, BC

The conference room table at the Audain Art Museum in Whistler is pictured. The conference room windows look out to the town.

Audain Art Museum

Whistler, BC

Congregation space in the Canada House.

Canada House

London, UK

Photo of Seylynn displayed on a white wall at the Denna Club.


North Vancouver, BC

The shell sculpture displayed on a metal wall being viewed by two people.


North Vancouver, BC

Wooden walking sticks used as door handles.

Walking Sticks

VanDusen Botanical Garden, Vancouver, BC

Two large sitka spruce that have been hollowed and stained black.

Taiga Elementals

Vancouver, BC

The Obakki Grand opening.



Woven wall made of western broad leaf maple.


Vancouver, BC

Stairs protruding from log.

Night Swimming

Burnaby, BC

A long-exposure photo of the Midden installation at Telus displayed in a hallway with someone walking past.

Telus Garden

Vancouver, BC

A shattered cross cut log piece is displayed on a black brick wall.


Osaka, Japan

Shattered Fireplace feature at the Anderson Walk Building.

Anderson Walk

Vancouver, BC

Sante Spa Bud Tables

Sante Spa

Westin Bear Mountain Resort, Victoria, BC

Nine Sentinel sculptures are pictured installed in a circular formation at the Van Dusen Botanical Gardens.


VanDusen Botanical Garden, Vancouver, BC

The splaying 'roots' of the new beginnings sculpture.

Fallen Tree, New Beginnings

North Vancouver, BC

The lobby of pixar canada.


Vancouver, BC

Woodwards installation with shattered surfaces.


Vancouver, BC

Two alder cubes at the charlie sales centre.


Toronto, ON

Multiple Drum tables are displayed in the lobby of the west vancouver recreation centre.

West Vancouver Recreation Centre

West Vancouver, BC