Solid Sphere

Western Red Cedar, Maple, Douglas FIr

A sphere represents a geometrical object whose points are all equal distance from the centre. As a symbolic image, the sphere represents three-dimensional space such as the earth, the sky and the Universe. Brent Comber’s latest Sphere collection explores the relationship between our perception and our curiosity of how wood is formed. This series includes two designs, the Solid Sphere and the Shattered Sphere, and both encourage us to look at the life cycle of a tree differently.

The Solid Sphere represents the process of transformation, urging us to consider the previous form of the wood and what it has now become. One of the characteristics of a sphere is that there are no sides, ensuring that each section is given equal importance. In this series, various parts of the tree are given equal weight; from the oldest layer to the active growing layer, the entire life of the tree is put on display. By encompassing each stage, or season, of the tree into each piece, the solid sphere pays tribute to the entire story of a tree.