Cedar Shells


An encounter with the unfamiliar, whether a person or an experience; is often introduced with a complex exterior. The influence behind Discovery is to remind one’s self that in order to participate in the act of discovering, you have to allow room for it internally. You need to prepare yourself to be engaged and amenable to a new encounter.

The Mytilus trossulus, a mussel shell native to the Pacific Northwest, relates to the shift in perception that results from the process of discovery. Like the unfamiliarity with a fortuitous person, place or experience, the Mytilus’s periostracum is a display of an outer layer that can vary from the delicacy that is within.

The clam shell-like Mercanaria Series encompasses the exercise we implement as individuals when we cultivate memories that not only stay with us, but also sculpt the characteristics and personalities we demonstrate.

Featured in our Discovery Atelier show.