I created Garrison by splicing together blocks of wood from three cedar logs into a single form. The stone wall around the Imperial Palace in Tokyo was the inspiration for this piece; its age, massive stones and excellent craftsmanship deeply impressed me. I realized that material had to be presented in a certain scale to be fully appreciated. For this reason, I constructed Garrison from large blocks of wood, and the piece told a much richer story in this way.

I built Garrison from discarded material that is not highly valued by the lumber industry. The bulbous, swirling knots, twisting grain and decaying hearts that are so prominent in this piece render the wood unmarketable. Consequently, many people are unfamiliar with wooden objects possessing these natural “flaws”. Yet, they are common to all trees just as unique personality traits are common to all people, signifying our individual characters.

For outdoor suitable options, please specify the requirement for outdoor use in your inquiry.

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